Labor Day Is Not for The Meek

It’s early Saturday morning in Vegas. Already 94 degrees and heading towards 110 or so. At least we don’t have forest fires to worry about. There is nothing much to burn in the desert. Foxy is still racked out after we barely got home before the birds started singing.

We met a nice couple last night while people watching. One of the hotels on the strip has a large hallway heading to the nightclubs, and it’s our favorite girl-watching site. There are benches along the wall. So we were sitting there checking out the ladies and comparing notes.

Two girls walked by in almost illegal clubbing outfits. Other than being blonde, one tall girl pushed all our buttons. She was around six foot with a slender build and long legs. Her mini-dress was barely long enough to cover the subject and cut low to expose her cleavage.

As we both sat there gaping in amazement, I heard a woman’s voice beside us, “That’s a tall drink of water!” Then, I looked up to see a gorgeous couple in their thirties enjoying the same view of the girl’s twitching ass.

Foxy and I laughed, and my wife said, “You caught us, but it looks like you were enjoying the view also.”

“Can we join you?” The woman asked.

“Of course,” Foxy replied and patted the bench next to her. The woman sat beside Foxy with her husband on the other side.

“I’m Rhonda, and this is my husband Dennis,” The beautiful creature said as we checked each other out. She was a busty blonde, around five-seven, with nice legs. Rhonda had on a blouse and a short skirt. Not quite a clubbing outfit, but she looked good. Her blouse was unbuttoned to show a fair amount of the black bra she had on. Rhonda’s husband was dressed similarly to me with slacks and a sports coat.

“I’m Foxy, and this is my husband, Larry,” my wife answered. “Are you locals?”

“No,” Rhonda replied. “We’re from L.A. and came in for the weekend. So you live here?”

“Yeah, our home is Sin City,” Foxy laughed.

I saw my wife’s braless tits getting erect and knew she was on the make. Foxy was wearing a tan mini-dress cut down halfway to her navel. Her hard nipples poked through the thin material and announced her interest in the new couple. The side view of Foxy’s boobs in the low-cut dress was excellent, and I noticed both of them staring at my wife’s tits.

“You guys like to people watch?” Rhonda asked with a smile.

“Yes, and I’m guessing you two like the same,” Foxy replied.

“We do,” Dennis said. “I’m surprised we haven’t run into you before. You meet the most interesting people in Vegas.”

After a few minutes of small talk and comparing notes on the girls walking by to the clubs, I suggested we adjourn to the bar for a drink. It was nice to see that Rhonda seemed to be as interested in women as my wife was.

The hotel bar was quiet, and we grabbed a four top off to the side. The girls excused themselves to visit the restroom while Dennis and I talked. He was a manager at a bank and seemed to be doing okay.

When the girls returned, they held hands, which was always a good sign. They were both easy to talk to, and we hit it off. While we didn’t hook up, things looked promising, and we exchanged contact information for another date.

As we were saying goodbye, Rhonda asked me, “Do you mind if I kiss your wife?”

“You don’t need permission from my husband,” Foxy retorted and put her arms around Rhonda’s neck. They kissed passionately; I don’t know if Rhonda noticed, but Foxy climaxed while they kissed. I know her body and the clues she gives off while getting her rocks off.

Dennis and I just stood and watched our wives make out in the hotel lobby. It didn’t seem to raise any eyebrows as things are different in Sin City. As we walked away, I asked, “Did you get any tongue?”

“What do you think?” My wife laughed.

My next book, The Perfect Wife, is getting closer to release, and I’ve already started work on the next story, currently unnamed. This one is another MILF Hotwife story, and I’m already thinking about the next one, which will be a straight fuck and suck story.

Below is a lengthy excerpt from a story I’m working on for a future release.

I’m Larry Archer, a simple writer of smut stories in both print and electronic format. Foxy and I are swingers in real life, and I write about the things we do and see. While the Lifestyle is not for everyone, it’s been fun for us. My smut is explicit and hardcore but with a somewhat plot. My porn stories are generally positive and fun as this reflects how enjoyable swinging has been to us. If you’re interested in checking out my stories, I publish at all the typical outlets.

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X-Rated Excerpt from Larry’s Upcoming Story After the Next Story

Stella smiled as she remembered the big redhead crawling between her legs on her knees. Lifting Stella’s dress, Chrissy giggled when she saw that Stella wasn’t wearing panties and kissed the MILF’s bald pussy. Stella moaned and ran her fingers through her long red hair as she spread her legs and leaned back on the couch. Finally, Stella surrendered to Chrissy’s tongue as the knowledge of not being able to say ‘No’ caused fireworks to flash behind her eyelids.

Suzy sat beside her, pulled the sash holding her dress together, then slipped the dress off her shoulders. Suzy teased Stella’s nipples with the tip of her tongue, and after nipping her hard nub, she clamped her lips on Stella’s areola. Stella couldn’t believe the sensation of having her pussy and boob sucked simultaneously as she quit trying to keep her dress together.

Stella felt so good as the two girls worked her over. The big redhead in the black bustier and miniskirt had a long tongue as she licked up the pussy juice. Stella could see Suzy’s husband with his dick out and jacking off while watching his wife suck her tits.

Stella waved him over and asked, “Why jerk off when you can put that nice dick in my mouth and let me suck it? Then you can have sloppy seconds when the girls finish with me!” Stella giggled about what a slut she was; it was all her husband’s fault.

Doug got up on the couch and put his cock in Stella’s mouth. Suzy looked up to see Stella sucking her hubby’s dick. “You go, girl!” she said and returned to sucking Stella’s hard nipple.

The idea of sucking another guy’s dick was the most erotic thing she’d ever done. Even better than finger fucking Foxy. He had a nice size penis but not as big as she expected Larry to have. It was good that Vince wasn’t here to see his wife with a cock in her mouth, and she hoped that he wouldn’t be too upset. She didn’t have much experience sucking a guy as she’d always considered it nasty before Foxy. Well, it was still nasty, but good girl, nasty!

The feeling of his hard dick sliding down her tongue made her mind fuzzy, plus Suzy kept sucking her titty. She could taste his precum as it poured out of his dick. It was crazy to be giving the sheriff a blowjob while her husband was, God knows where?

Kissing the head of his dick, Stella looked at Doug and asked, “Am I doing okay? I don’t have much experience?”

“It feels wonderful,” he answered.

“Really?” Stella said and immediately swallowed Doug’s dick as far as she could. I’m going to give him the best blowjob he’s ever had, she thought as she licked around the mushroom head. I hope it doesn’t taste too bad when he cums in my mouth.

Just then, Chrissy slid a long finger deep into Stella’s ass, which caused her to jerk in reaction. Giggling, Chrissy sucked Stella’s clit while fucking her butthole. Her climax had been building, and a finger up her backdoor pushed her over the edge.

Chrissy continued working her as Stella climaxed intensely, and Doug’s dick slipped out of her mouth as her body jerked in response. Then, laying her head on Doug’s thigh, Stella waited until her body stopped spasming before telling him, “Sorry, Doug, give me a second, and I’ll finish you, but I just came so hard it was unreal!”

Suzy stopped and said, “If you’d like, I’ll help you suck Doug off. He’s a good fuck if you’d like to try him?”

“Would you mind?” Stella asked as her mind swirled with the expectation of Doug fucking her while his wife helped. She couldn’t believe that Suzy would allow her husband to fuck her. But Larry and Doug let their wives screw other people just like she was fixing to do. I hope Vince doesn’t get mad, but I will let Doug take me even when I want Larry’s dick in me.

Suzy kissed Stella and told her, “No, silly. I don’t mind in the least that Doug fucks you. He’s screwing his secretary, and I know she doesn’t mind. I know how erotic it is for a stranger to take you.” Then, kissing Stella again, Suzy whispered in her ear, “Wait until Larry fucks you with his big dick, then you’ll be hooked for good! His cum is really sweet but remember you have to share with the rest of us girls,” Suzy giggled in her ear and started to chew on her earlobe, which made her sex clench with anticipation.

As she relived last night, Stella felt her pussy and realized that she’d gone to bed completely naked. Vince must have been tired as she didn’t remember him coming to bed. Stroking her mound, Stella used her thumb to rub her clit while running her fingers between her lips. Vince breathed deeply as she slid one and two fingers into her cunt. Stella was still wet inside, and working her pussy felt so good. Pulling her fingers out, she held them up and looked closely, then smelled her fingers.

Doug’s cum was still in her even after Suzy had sucked her well-fucked cunt. It made her head swim to smell her fingers. She could distinguish Doug’s juice from her fluids. Then it struck her that Suzy’s juices were in her as well. She spasmed from the memory of Doug pulling his dick out of Suzy and jamming it into her needy hole. The thought of his dick, covered in his wife’s pussy juice, mixing with her juices, caused a lightning bolt to flash between her cunt and brain. It was like sticking her fingers in a light socket, and remembering it caused her body to spasm.

Suzy and I are sex sisters, like two Indians who cut their hands and mingle their blood. Our pussy juices are mixed, and we’ll be forever joined. Now, after Larry fucks his wife, then me, we’ll all be sex sisters! Stella thought as the fantasy of how it would feel to have his big wet dick in her caused her to plunge her fingers back into her hole.

Pulling her fingers out, Stella sucked them clean as she remembered Doug holding her head as he pumped a big load of cum into her mouth. The funny thing was that while Doug was feeding her his future children, his wife instructed her on how to suck off her husband. Suzy had whispered, “Only suck the head when a guy is shooting off because if his dick is down your throat, his precious fluid will shoot straight to your stomach instead of staying in your mouth. Foxy gets mad if she doesn’t get a taste, and you don’t want her upset with you!”

Dutifully, Stella only sucked the head of his dick while he was pumping her mouth full. She was so horny that she didn’t even notice the taste of his cream, only that it all had to be in her mouth. Every time a little cum would drip out the corner of her mouth, Suzy would quickly lick it up. As Doug fed her, Stella’s brain went up in smoke while Suzy had her fingers deep into her pussy.

It was still hard to accept that Doug fucked her with his wife’s encouragement. But Doug’s dick only made Stella want Larry’s even more. She could imagine Foxy whispering dirty thoughts into her ear as she sucked off Foxy’s husband. She had never had a dick in her stomach as Suzy had told her how it felt to have him deep in her wet hole.

Suzy bragged about how good it felt to have Larry’s cock hit her cervix, and now she needed that to be completely satisfied. She had to order a cervical wand because Suzy said it allowed her to massage her cervix when Larry or Butch wasn’t around.

Will Vince be upset when he finds that now I need big long cocks in me to be satisfied? Stella asked herself as the pussy juice ran down her fingers.

I need to take care of Vince, so he doesn’t feel shorted, she giggled to herself and lifted the sheet off him. Was ‘shorted’ a Freudian slip, she wondered as she carefully eased his dick out of his boxers.

Vince will benefit from my new experience, Stella thought as she kissed the head of his dick. It seemed unusual not to taste pussy juice or cum on his dick as she licked it. Instead, she could feel her husband’s erection as she softly sucked it. She could take the whole thing in her mouth and could feel him growing on her tongue.

Sucking softly, Stella enjoyed the feeling of her husband’s dick stiffening. Of course, she wouldn’t tell him, but she fantasized about Larry’s cock being in her mouth and then splitting her poor pussy apart. The idea of what it must feel like to have his big head opening me up was more than she could imagine. I hope that Larry doesn’t ruin me for poor Vince, but it might be worth the sacrifice.

As she sucked his stiffy, Stella smiled as she felt his fingers in her hair. Then, letting his cock slip out of her mouth, she kissed it and said, “Good morning, sweetie. Is this a good way to wake up?”

“I’d love it if you’d wake me up like this every morning,” Vince said. “Not making up for a guilty conscience, are you?”

“Maybe a little,” Stella confessed. “Are you okay with that?”

“On one condition?” Vince replied.

“What’s that?”

“Let me fuck you as he did, and you tell me all about it?” Vince laughed.

“You knew?”

“The bedroom smelled worse than any whore house I’ve ever been in!” Vince chuckled. “If I weren’t so horny, I would have slept in the guest bedroom.”

“What do I smell like?” Suzy asked.

“Pussy and cum,” Vince laughed. “Plus the evidence on your face and tits!”

Looking down, Stella could see dried patches of stuff on her boobs. Wetting her finger, she swiped one of the patches and tasted it. Pussy, she thought. Then she did the same thing with a different patch. Cum, she realized.

Looking up at Vince, she asked, “My face also?” She could feel dried patches on her face.

“Covered in pussy juice, and there is a streamer of dried cum running out of your mouth and down your cheek,” Vince chuckled. “But the big clue is the smell!”

“Are you mad?” Stella asked, worried about running loose last night. “Please don’t be mad?”

“Are you kidding?” Vince replied. “Especially being woken with your soft lips on my dick. You’ve never done that before, and if it takes you getting a little strange stuff to get a blowjob, I’m down.”

“I wasn’t a nice girl,” Stella giggled. “But I was a good girl!”

“Rub my dick and give me a detailed report. Don’t let me cum until the climax?” Vince laughed.

“Well, after you left, and then the mayor left. Chrissy got down on her hands and knees and went down on me. I hate to tell you but eating pussy is girl’s work. I have never come so hard in my life as I did with Chrissy’s tongue in my cunt and her finger in my ass!” Stella giggled as she stroked and kissed his dick.

“Girls are better at eating pussy?”

“Don’t ever get in a contest. You’ll lose,” Stella laughed.

“Anyway, that big redhead was chowing down while I held her head and played with her hair. It was almost embarrassing how wet I was, and it sounded just like a dog lapping up water. I know that’s probably terrible, but my cunt was dripping, and Chrissy was cleaning me up.

“Doug’s wife untied my wrap dress and slipped it off my shoulders. So, I was sitting on the couch naked while coming over the face of a beautiful redhead and being finger fucked in the ass. Then Suzy started sucking my boobs and kissing me. Oh, God, I love being with a woman!

“That was when I noticed Suzy’s husband had his dick out and was jacking off as he watched us. He had a nice looking dick, so I waved him over and made him stand on the couch, putting his dick at mouth level,” Stella said. She could feel Vince’s dick throbbing and started sucking it.

“Don’t stop. Keep going!” Vince protested.

“There’s no way to get around it, baby. I sucked his dick, and it felt so good in my mouth. He has a nice cock, and the pre-cum was pouring out as I sucked it. It was the first time I’d ever sucked some guy’s dick, and it was exciting to have his cock between my lips.

“I knew he would cum in my mouth, but I wanted it so bad. It only amped me up to finish him off. I didn’t even think about how his stuff would taste. I knew I had to make him shoot off while I sucked him. And it was not for Doug; I was doing it for myself. I’d been a nice girl for too long and was ready to become a good girl.

“Forgive me, Vince, but I needed to taste his creamy load. So, I worked him hard, but he was a pushover. I think he liked watching his wife suck my boobs while Chrissy ate my pussy.

“Baby, he held my head and started to pump his load in my mouth. His wife told me to suck the head so I could keep the cum in my mouth and not swallow too much. His juice ran out of my mouth, and Suzy kept licking it off my cheeks.

“And the flavor, it was so good, and all my fears about the taste were overblown. It’s a bit tart, but I loved it, and then Suzy was all over me. She sucked her husband’s cum out of my mouth. That was so erotic, and it was weird. I could tell her reaction to taste the spunk in my mouth. I thought to myself, is this where I’m heading?

“I’m becoming a cum slut, and I love it!” Stella confessed. “Are you okay with that? Your wife, a slut?”

“I know you’re moving fast, and I admit that I’ve never expected you to change as you have in the last couple of days,” admitted Vince. “I’ve realized that I don’t want a homely wife; I want a hot one. I want everyone to stare at you when we walk in. I see what people do when they see Larry walk in with his wife, and I want people to look at me like they do him, with you on my arm. I see the relationship between the Archers and think it is why they are as close as they are.”

“Thank you for telling me that,” Stella replied. “Are you up for the rest?”

“Please,” Vince said. “I need to hear what I’ve already imagined?”

“Suzy and I finished sucking her husband off, and then we kissed for a long time. It was strange in one way and erotic in another. Here I was, making out with the wife of a man I just sucked off and loved it.

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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  1. “When the girls returned, they held hands, which was always a good sign.”

    Great story and sizzling excerpt. What’s the title of this one?

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