I’d Be Prolific – If I Could Only Focus

Writing erotica has proven to me that I am unable to focus on single topics. Looking in my Draft folder shows that I have over one hundred stories in some state of completion. I’ll get an idea that seems to take over my mind, and until I take pen to paper, the thought continues to mill around in my mind like the Geko talking about saving fifteen percent on car insurance.

I’ve been writing a series entitled House Party, which is now up to four novels with no end in sight. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying not to get into a rut and write stories with different themes. The Foxy and Larry storyline of over twenty novels deal with topics that have come straight from our swinger lifestyle in real life.

As an author of erotica, I don’t have to sit down at my keyboard and try to imagine what a bunch of perverts would do. I only have to think back to the last house party or convention we attended for ideas.

If you’ve ever wondered what “those people” do behind closed doors, you’re probably right. We are sick and disgusting, but it’s a lot of fun! “Straights,” as we call them, are those on the outside looking in at us.

While we are perverts in various degrees, our group as a whole is better than Straights in a lot of ways. It is possibly surprising, but divorce among those in the Lifestyle is rare. We don’t have affairs with our coworkers. Indeed, we may bang the hot chick down the hall, but we’ll go home and tell our wife about it.

Or sometimes, your wife will bring home a couple she met at a bar, but it’s all fun and games. See how my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) has kicked in, and I’m completely off track of what I was writing about?

House Party started as an experiment to break me out of my habit of writing HEA (Happily Ever After) story endings. In the initial 85,000 word novel, Foxy, Larry’s wife, runs off with a man she met at a house party and moves to Los Angeles.

First, I’d like to hope that this never happens to me, but it was about as far as I could stretch our relationship without ultimately going over the line. The Foxy and Larry series are typically fictional stories based upon real things that we’ve done or witnessed.

The fictional couple Foxy and Larry react as we would in real life. I try to picture ourselves in stories as in everyday life. Foxy is an A-type or possibly an A-plus type in real life, so she doesn’t need much embellishment in the stories.

My wife is a topic worthy of a book as I’ve struggled to understand her at times. We met at a photographer’s Christmas party before she was twenty-one. As a runway model, she occasionally modeled for the group.

A product of the Catholic school system, she brought the typical baggage with her but lordy how it was packaged. At almost six feet, she was the prettiest thing I had ever seen and far above my pay grade.

I’m an engineer by training and have the same characteristics as the typical geeky engineer, while Foxy turns on when she walks into a room full of strangers. They say opposites attract, and it has proven true with us.

We lived in the midwest, and I ran across an ad for a swinger’s club opening up. Mentioning it to her was, “Sure, let’s try it.” Cautious to a fault, I vacillated about joining a swinger’s club. So we never did anything about it.

Then one evening, she called from a bar and had met a couple from Chicago and announced that she was bringing them home. So if the truth were known, my wife got us into swinging!

The couple, my wife brought home, knew the two couples who had started the local swinger’s club and introduced us to them as it turned out. The Lifestyle has always been good to us and a lot of fun. Once you are in the group, you discover all the things that have been going on around you.

We’ve never fought about the things we’ve done, so writing House Party was initially a struggle. I had to tell myself that this was a fictional story and to stop making the characters behave as we would. At least not entirely!

Foxy runs off to LA and becomes a porn star, while Larry stays home and runs their strip club in Las Vegas. A typical erotic story is twenty to thirty thousand words in length, and as House Party approached one hundred thousand words, I kept having problems writing “The End.”

I needed closure, and leaving her in LA didn’t sit well with me, so I ended House Party and started House Party 2 as the saga continued. House Party 4 was just released after House Party 3.

So far, I’ve taken over eight hundred words to tell you where I’m at today with my ADD.

Larry’s current girlfriend, Sherry, is a top-heavy blonde who works as a newscaster at a Las Vegas television station. Before they met, Sherry used to have the helicopter pilot swing by Foxy and Larry’s condo to check on them.

Sherry could zoom in on their fortieth-floor pool using the stabilized high definition television camera mounted on the chopper. Initially, she wanted to snag an interview with the reclusive strip club owner to help improve her ratings. You’ll have to read the House Party series to find out how they got together.

The thought that reminded me of my ADD is I’ve started developing a story about Larry and the helicopter pilot when I should be working on House Party 5. Below is the initial excerpt from a novel, tentatively entitled “Come Fly With Me.”

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Excerpt from a New Novel by Larry Archer

Keep in mind that this is in the draft stage and not a finished product.

Larry managed to squirm out from under the two naked girls lying on him and stood up in the early morning light. He walked over and closed the heavy blinds to cloak the room in darkness instantly. I need coffee, he thought to himself as he eased out the bedroom door.

In the hallway, he could hear his wife or his girlfriend being screwed to death. Looking in the bedroom, he saw Foxy sitting on Butch’s monster cock while the new guy was pounding her ass. He couldn’t tell if she was moaning or crying but probably both as she took almost two feet of cock in her pussy and ass at the same time.

He tried to be mad at her, but he knew that she wasn’t doing anything forbidden. As swingers, they often partied with other people, but since Foxy had moved back in from Los Angeles, she was different. Larry was also mad at his dick for responding to his slutty wife as she got her brains fucked out. Without thinking, he started to stroke his dick as he watched his wife take a pounding.

Sherry was lying face down beside them, apparently unconscious from taking the two guys last night. From what he could remember, both girls took turns servicing his friend Butch and some new guy. Butch or Horse Cock, as everyone called him, was a good friend of theirs and had a dick the size of your arm. Foxy’s eyes would cross when he shoved almost a foot of his dick into her, and Sherry was nearly as bad.

Larry could see a trickle of cum running out of Sherry’s asshole, and he thought about going in to butt-fuck his girlfriend while his wife was getting screwed to death. She didn’t move an inch as the bed bounced from the pounding his wife was taking.

He hears Butch yell, “I’m cummming!” and at the same time, the new guy grunted out, “Me too!” They both shoved their dicks deep into Foxy’s holes and unloaded into her. Foxy thrashed around in her signature Grand Mal seizure climax and then collapsed onto Butch’s muscular chest.

The new guy’s dick slipped out of Foxy’s backdoor, and Larry could see straight into his wife’s ass as she gaped open from being stretched out. Foxy tumbled off of Butch and lay there motionless with her arm over her eyes. Larry could already see the spunk starting to run out of her cunt and ass at the same time.

She reached over and stroked Butch’s dick as it started to wilt. The two guys had been fucking the girls all night, and Larry was amazed that they were still at it. As he watched, his wife slowly crawled down Butch’s chest until she could suck his dirty dick. With a moan, she tried to stuff as much in her mouth as she could.

Larry couldn’t help but stroke his cock as he watched his wife licking cum and pussy juice off Butch’s cock. His dick looked to be the size of a beer can, and Foxy made a valiant effort to get it all in her mouth. She could hold it with both hands and still have a mouthful.

Pissed that his dick betrayed him, Larry walked into the kitchen and punched on the Keurig coffee maker. Getting a cup out of the cabinet, he put it in the coffee maker and inserted a K-cup to make coffee. The condo he’d bought for his wife was on Tower number one at The Towers on the top floor.

The Towers was a massive four-block square enclosed with twenty-foot high walls and armed to the teeth security guards. Larry had bought the complex under one of his LLC’s and no one had any idea of his worth. He preferred to be as anonymous as he could be.

Larry’s strip club, The Fox’s Den, named after his wife, brought him a lot more notoriety than he wanted. Luckily, he’d made friends with the Sheriff and the Mayor after throwing many charity fundraising events, such as the Foxy’s Bikini Car Wash and Golf Tournament. He never realized how much money he could raise with a bunch of scantily clad women washing cars or driving golf carts.

His wife was one of the worst in her cut-off Daisy Duke shorts and wife-beater t-shirt. He would get a headache from all of the strobes going off as people photographed his wife in a wet wife beater that was cut off just below her nipples and glued to her luscious body.

He could almost do no wrong with the money he donated to charities, battered spouse organizations, and no-kill shelters. The mayor kept him on speed-dial, and Larry just closed his eyes and signed the checks. Luckily, it was all tax-deductible.

Foxy’s eight thousand square foot condo occupied the entire top floor of the tower and even had a large patio and pool. Most of the walls were floor-to-ceiling glass and offered a fantastic view of the Las Vegas Strip and Skyline. Larry liked their home in Kings Ridge on the west side of town, against the mountains but Foxy being the A-type, she fed on the Strip’s energy.

The condo orientation made the pool and patio private, and it was difficult for anyone to see. As such, Larry didn’t mind walking out nude on the deck to the back glass waist-high wall. He sipped his coffee and tried to calm his jumbled thoughts. It was irrational for him to be upset with his wife, but after she’d left him and started making adult movies, their relationship had changed, and he wasn’t sure it was for the better.

As the Strip slowly came to life a couple of blocks from him, he tried to calm himself. Suddenly, a warm pair of tits were pressed into his back, and a soft hand grabbed his dick. Looking over his shoulder, she saw Foxy behind him, looking worse for wear.

“I love you,” she murmured into his shoulder as she softly stroked his dick.

“I love you too,” Larry replied and closed his eyes to enjoy better the sensation of her working over his cock.

“Did you hear us this morning?” She asked.

“It was kind of hard not to,” He replied.

“Butch wanted one more ride for the night before he left,” She replied softly. “Try not to be upset with me?”

“I’m trying.”

“Thank you for letting Sherry and I have play dates with Butch and his friend. That’s sweet of you, and I think it’ll be better if you don’t have to listen to me,” Foxy said as she continued to stroke his dick. “Your cock is nice and hard this morning. Did you get enough pussy last night?”

“We had a great time,” Larry replied. “Serena is a hot little package.”

“I thought you’d like her,” Foxy said as she rose on tiptoes to kiss his ear. “Her husband has videos of Chrissy and me with Serena and her Bull. If you’d like, I’ll ask him to burn you a DVD?”

“I’d like that,” Larry said as he tried to go along with the flow. “I connected him with Jack, who is all excited about having a cuckold friend to help edit videos!”

“I told Serena to bring Ted over the next time with his video camera. Ted is all excited about filming you screwing his wife! That’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Sure, it’ll be like having Jack over when I take care of his wife,” Larry replied.

“Your dick feels good. You don’t mind if I stroke it, do you?” Foxy asked as he heard her breathing deepen. “Please try to have patience with me? I know that I’ve fucked up a lot of things, and trust me, I know that Butch isn’t helping matters, but his cock is like a drug, and I can’t resist it.”

Foxy squatted down in front of Larry and kissed his throbbing dick. “I know that deep down, it turns you own but realize this is a lot to accept right now. I’m hoping you can spend more time with your new girlfriend Abby and hopefully Serena to keep your mind off Sherry and myself. I have to believe that we will come out of this on the other side better than we are now. Try to keep an open mind about Horse Dick and me. I mean Butch.”

Foxy stopped talking and slowly swallowed his dick to the root. He moaned at the sensation of his cock sliding into her throat. Larry could feel her throat muscles spasming around the shaft as her body tried to reject the thing in her throat. She never gagged as she bobbed up and down on his dick.

Finally, she slipped off his cock and took a deep gasp of air. Giggling, Foxy said, “One benefit of letting your wife suck Horse Cock is that I can now easily deep throat you!”

Larry, despite himself, had to laugh at his wife’s comment. “I’ll thank Butch the next time I see him.”

“Sherry feels the same way and in some ways worse than I am,” Foxy said as she kissed his dick. “At least I’m not hanging out in the orgy room getting gangbanged and pulling a train!”

“True,” Larry replied. “One thing that I’ve got to be thankful for.”

“So you’re okay with Sherry and I having a play date with Butch and his friend Friday?”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Larry replied as it seemed to be the only option open.

“Good,” Foxy said. “Can you sleep away Friday night? I don’t want to worry about you listening to our cries and moans as we entertain Butch.”

“That’s probably for the best,” he reluctantly replied.

“Don’t worry. Jack is going to tape everything so that when you get ready to watch, you’ll know it’s just fucking and sucking!” Foxy reassured him.

To seal the deal, Foxy started sucking his cock in earnest. Larry tried to stay mad at his wife, but it was no use. He loved her so much, and he was no saint himself. If the truth were known, he got a lot more pussy than she did dick.

In their lifestyle, they swapped partners and enjoyed the company of others. However, ever since she had moved back from Los Angeles, she was different. Her sexuality seemed to be more open and less controlled.

Her lover Butch had been one of her favorites for a while. Everyone called him Horse Dick because his dick was the size of Foxy’s arm. She’d always had a soft spot for his dick, and it had never bothered Larry before.

Owning a strip club gave him ample opportunities for no strings attached sex, and Foxy had never complained before. She would often take Larry’s new love interest away from him, but he never minded sloppy seconds.

He knew that he should be more accepting of Foxy’s increased interest in their big dicked friend. Larry struggled to get his jealousy under control as he knew it was irrational for swingers to be jealous about their partner’s extracurricular activities.

God! She can suck dick! Larry thought to himself as he ran his fingers through her tangled hair. Foxy was constantly moaning as she continued to suck his dick. I would have thought that she’d had enough last night, he thought to himself, as he watched her drool over his cock.

In the corner of his mind, he kept hearing a roaring sound that he first felt was his brain reacting to the blowjob he was receiving. Finally, he looked up and saw the Channel Twelve news helicopter hovering right in front of him.

He could see the pilot who flew his girlfriend around in her roles as a television news reporter through the clear plexiglass nose. The girl was beautiful except for possibly the burr haircut she sported.

She was wearing Ray-Bans and a headset with a boom mike. There was a broad smile on her face as she watched Larry’s wife give him the blowjob of his life.

Larry tried to smile at her as he stood there naked with his wife sucking his dick. It was a little embarrassing as Larry’s girlfriend worked with her, and while he’d never met her pilot, it was apparent she knew that Larry and Sherry were lovers.

As Larry looked at the helicopter, he watched the pilot start to unbutton her blouse. After a couple of buttons, he could tell she was braless and quickly opened her top down to her waist.

Pulling her blouse open, he got a good look at her boob. She was about a C-cup and had perky tits with rose-colored nipples. He watched as she massaged her breast and twisted her nipple for him.

Then leaving her blouse open, she stuck her finger in her mouth and pantomimed, sucking a dick while looking at him. She pulled her sunglasses down until he could see her eyes and repeated pretending to suck Larry’s cock.

Finally, she pulled her wet fingers out of her mouth and traced around her erect nipple. It was so erotic, and if he hadn’t spent the night fucking Abby and Serena, he would have blown his load in Foxy’s needy mouth as she continued to suck him. She was completely unaware of anything besides the cock in her mouth.

As he watched, her demeanor suddenly changed, and he could see her talking into the boom mike. She looked up at Larry and blew him a kiss. Then after squeezing her boob for Larry, she spun the chopper around. He heard the turbines spool up as the nose dropped. The helicopter transitioned from a hover to forward flight and accelerated up towards Highway 95.

“What was that?” Foxy asked as she looked up at her husband.

“Sherry’s pilot stopped by to say hello,” Larry answered. “She’s really cute.”

“You should hit that?” Foxy suggested. “Sherry’s been trying to get into her pants!”

“I don’t blame her,” Larry said as he watched the helicopter disappear into the distance.

“So you’re okay with Sherry and I having a play date with Butch and his friend?” Foxy asked.

“Have fun,” is all Larry said as his inner emotions roiled.

Foxy kissed him on the lips, and he could taste pussy juice and cum on her lips and tongue. She reeked of sweat and sex. There was a dried trail of cum running down both cheeks and patches on her fantastic boobs.

“I’m going to get a few hours sleep, and feel free to take advantage of us after we have a nap,” Foxy said as she turned and walked back inside the condo.

Larry watched her ass twitching for him and saw a reflection from the jeweled butt plug she had in her ass. Fucking bitch is trying to keep Butch’s cum in her ass as long as possible, he thought. That’s what she used to do with my jizz!

He instantly regretted thinking that he was just reacting to his emotions as he didn’t blame her. At least I got an excellent blowjob out of the deal.

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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6 Responses to I’d Be Prolific – If I Could Only Focus

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    When I was actively writing, my draft folder was filled with unfinished stuff and, like you, I didn’t have to sit at the keyboard and conjure up imaginary shit – I could draw on my own experiences. Sometimes it’s about focus but I found that a lot of those things – and some of them are still sitting in my draft folder – are stuff that I thought was a great idea for a story, get to a certain point and… it doesn’t make sense. Or I’ll get stuck trying to figure out the direction the story should go.

    Sometimes I’d finish a story and re-read it to make corrections and find that it didn’t have that realistic feel that made my “fans” write and ask me if the story really happened or it read too much like jerk-off material… and it would go unpublished and with the thought that I can come back to it later and fix it… and I still haven’t fixed them after many looks at them.

    Some of the backlog just got deleted – they were beyond salvage and I ask myself why the stuff that’s still there is still there… and they are because until I got to the point where I stopped writing, they had the potential to be a great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LarryArcher says:

    I’ve started using Scrivener to write with as it makes it easier to jump around. When my mind switches topics, I can flip back and forth between chapters with ease.


  3. How do you manage to be an engineer? In that job, you’ve got to focus!

    Or maybe the writing is a way to let go of it all. Anyway, you *are* prolific… not would be. Prolific has to do with what you produce, and you’re a lean, mean writing machine (albeit with a touch of ADD)!


    Liked by 1 person

  4. LarryArcher says:

    I can focus but find it’s easy to get distracted especially by a short skirt!
    There’s an old saying, “There comes a time when you have to shoot the engineer and go into production.” This means that we tend to never be satisfied and will tweak until the cows come home.


  5. Mark K says:

    When I started to read the excerpt, I thought I was reading the end of HP4 for a moment.

    Very similar sequence, including Larry waking up with Selena (and presumably Abby), hearing Foxy getting busy, getting coffee, going out on the deck, seeing the helicopter pilot flash some boob, Foxy showing up, her discussing partying with Butch, with Larry elsewhere, etc.

    Not sure if the repetition was supposed to indicate the “new normal” for Larry, or what.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. LarryArcher says:

    Mark, I was thinking about a story involving the pilot and while there is duplicity it was to create a setup for the story. This could end up like a lot that I write. I get an idea and need to put something down on paper so I can remember the thread and it often goes nowhere beyond my Draft folder.


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