Sunday Musings by Larry Archer

I’m sitting here this Sunday morning in my boxers watching Meet the Press and taking stock of what the hell’s going on in the world and our little niche of Sin City. United States COVID daily new cases are fixing to top 80,000/day and deaths somewhere north of 1,000/day.

Life, as we know it, has ground to a halt. For those of us who like to throw our house keys in a bowl, those days are a dim memory and likely to be the same for probably the next six months to a year.

Swinging is a social event for us, and while the sex is great, the friendship among partiers is still the best thing. I guess when you’re sleeping with your friends, it tends to bolster the closeness you share with others.

As an engineer, we as a group tend to be introverts, and this pandemic hasn’t overly affected me. My wife, on the other hand, is an A-type who feeds on interaction with others. Foxy is a social-butterfly and flits from flower to flower, getting a taste of nectar then moving on to the next shiny object.

She’s one of those types who can stalk into a room and, within fifteen minutes, knows everyone’s name. As an ex-model and almost six feet with another six inches of curly dark big-hair, you can hear the eyeballs snap when she attacks a room. As a Texan, I love girls with big-hair, and if you study my book covers, you’ll see my evident obsession with women who look like her.

While her hairstyle went out with the ’80s, it works for her, and I love her for it. In what’s today known as a Diva cut, there are only a handful of stylists in Las Vegas who can cut it properly. She likes it as she can climb out of the pool and let it air dry after running her fingers through and fluffing it up.

Everyone calls her the instigator while I call her a prick teaser. She always gets a party going, and after she gets everyone naked and in a pile. She’ll wriggle out and disappear with the guy’s wife in hand while he’s standing there saying WTF?

But that’s the past, and I only have fond memories of those days.

I’m about to release my latest in the House Party series, available on Amazon. If you have a Kindle Unlimited account, you can read House Party, House Party 2, and soon House Party 3 for free.

I’ve been writing erotic stories for seven years now, and my stories keep getting longer and longer. The House Party series stories are all novel-length of approximately 100,000 words each and cannot be read in one sitting without an extra-large bottle of lotion and a box of tissues.

House Party is a subset of my Foxy and Larry series of some twenty stories starring my favorite pervert couple. As an engineer, we all seem to struggle with the English language, and I was never taught how to write a story correctly. A story should have a beginning, conflict, and resolution, but I never seem to be able to do that. My stories are typically a slice of the life of Foxy and Larry.

For most swingers, at least those we know, conflict and divorce among couples is almost unheard of. There is no reason to cheat, and if you take your admin out for a nooner, the only pushback you’ll get from your wife is that she wasn’t invited!

So when I started the original House Party, I decided to try and shake things up. The story was difficult for me to write as it went against everything we believed in. If you’ve read any of my Foxy and Larry stories, you know that they are a fictional version of the real us.

I try to picture the fictional version of ourselves in a relatively true to life fashion. Certainly a little more over the top but close to how we are in real life. While we live in Las Vegas, I don’t own a strip club and don’t have more money than God. My wife doesn’t drive a Mercedes SLS-AMG but has to make do with a red Lexus ES-350.

Watch for House Party 3 (HP3) when it comes out in the next week or so. Foxy realizes that Larry’s new squeeze is about to slam the door on her. She decides to move back to Las Vegas before she ends up in divorce court with Judge Judy.

I believe that HP3 is one of the best stories I’ve written to date and hope that you will enjoy it also.

When I write about ourselves, I have to ask myself, is this something we would do? I’ve realized that I find myself writing stories that are too far over the edge, and so I’ve started creating new characters that I can let run amok without worrying about their actions.

Serena and Ted are my new Hotwife and cuckold couple. I’ve published one story, First Date, to set the scene and put them in perspective. There are now three or four follow-on stories as Serena explores her fantasy as a Hotwife. Ted is learning to appreciate that his cheating wife’s adventures turn him on as much as it does her.

With Ted and Serena, I don’t have any imposed limits on what they can do, which allows my fantasies to run wild with them. They are somewhat based upon our closest friends, who are in a Hotwife, cuckold relationship.

This couple, who are named Pam and Jack in my stories, is a real hoot in real life. She’s, in simple terms, is a nymphomaniac MILF and he’s a pervert always looking to get her laid. Pam is a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and nice size boobs. She’s about five foot seven and looks far younger than her MILF status. I’ve got some great nudes of her in our pool that I’d love to be able to share with you.

Jack prefers to hide in the closet and watch his wife. Hiding allows him to fulfill his fantasy of catching his wife with the milkman or the pizza delivery guy. We often give him the role of videographer, except that he tends to shake the camera while jerking off.

Ted and Serena are somewhat loosely patterned after Pam and Jack. Serena is somewhere north of thirty and looks like my wife. I can’t help it. All my girls have to look like Foxy for the most part.

Ted enjoys watching his wife flirt with younger men and gets an erotic thrill from watching them hit on her. After starting, her antics have slowly amped up from dressing sexy and sitting at a bar. He would sit on the other side of the bar and watch as her potential lovers swarmed around her.

Then they would go home and have sex while she told him in excruciating detail about what they did to her. He loved to fantasize about fucking his wife when she was full of her Bull’s cum.

Serena is no better than Ted, and having younger guys hit on her, keeps her dripping wet all the time. As she realizes that Ted is excited about her being with another lover, their little escapades run further off the rails.

In the first book of the series, First Date, Serena finally does the nasty with one of her suitors, and Ted gets to film the action. One of the Cuckold Club’s follow on stories is tentatively named Deliveries in the Rear. I’ll leave it up to you to figure the theme out.

Spoiler Alert – What follows is the first chapter of the story. This is still in draft mode so try and ignore any problems.

Chapter 1 of Deliveries in the Rear

Ted smiled as he clicked the compile button to assemble his next movie. He was proud of how quickly he’d become proficient with video editing and creating clips from multiple cameras into one polished film. While it had cost him a fortune, the Mac Pro on his desk was incredibly fast, and the two huge monitors were so sharp, the images seemed even clearer than real life.

It was nice being able to work from home as he sat behind his desk with only a t-shirt and boxers on. As he watched Final Cut Pro do its thing, he massaged his cock. He always got so horny when a movie included scenes of his beautiful wife.

Serena was thirtyish with brown hair and eyes. She had a tall, slender body with long shapely legs. While Serena didn’t have large boobs, they were perfectly shaped with puffy nipples. Serena was probably a C-cup, but she had stopped wearing a bra, and her pointed jugs looked so hot when she was wearing something that showed off her tits.

“Sweetheart,” he yelled from his home office but didn’t hear a response from his wife. Concerned, he walked out and started looking through the house. Serena was nowhere to be found, and he walked to the living room window, which overlooked the street.

Looking out, he saw a big green delivery truck. The big sliding doors were both open, and as he looked at the vehicle, he saw his wife inside.

“What the Fuck!” he said as he saw his wife, on her knees, giving the delivery man a blowjob. She was wearing a short robe that barely covered her behind. The delivery man was slumped back on his seat, obviously enjoying his wife taking care of him. He could see that her robe was pulled open, and the man was playing with his wife’s tits.

Quickly, Ted ran back to his office and grabbed his new video camera. Hitting the power button, he ran back to the living room window. Zooming in until the obscene vision of his wife sucking what looked to be a huge cock. It was hard to tell how big it was as most were in his wife’s throat.

The high definition stabilized lens allowed him to zoom until Serena’s face and the delivery man’s dick filled the screen. He could see her lick around the head and lick the edge of the helmet using the tip of her tongue. Ted could feel his dick harden and throb at the sensation of his wife sucking another man’s cock.

She had done the same thing to him, and he knew exactly what the delivery man was experiencing. Ted continued to video the scene while hoping that a neighbor or the police didn’t show up. He could see that his wife was gagging on the dick that dwarfed his as she tried to swallow the entire thing.

Focusing on her throat, Ted could see the lump of the head as it entered her throat. She had managed to take almost the entire length into her throat. Tears ran down her face from choking on the man’s prick, but Serena would only pull his dick out to take a breath just before she passed out from lack of oxygen.

Serena was playing with herself as she sucked the guy off. Her fingers were flying as she finger fucked herself frantically. Scanning up to the man’s face, Ted knew that he was close to getting his rocks off. The man grabbed his wife by the head and started to fuck her mouth.

The delivery man took both hands to hold his wife by the hair and violently fucked her mouth. Ted couldn’t believe that his cheating slut of a wife was fixing to take a load of cum from the delivery man. It must be a hell of a package from the tip he was getting, Ted thought to himself.

While Ted couldn’t hear anything, he saw the man’s mouth open in a yell as he buried his cock in Ted’s wife’s mouth. My sweet, innocent slut of a wife is now a cum guzzling slut, Ted thought as the man started to fire ropes of cum into her cheating mouth.

He could see his wife’s eyes open wide, then roll up in her head as she experienced a massive orgasm from the taste of his sperm as he filled Serena’s mouth. The man continued to fuck her mouth as cum started to dribble out and run down the shaft of his big dick.

Ted continued to focus on his wife’s mouth as the image filled his viewfinder. He could see the veins on the man’s cock throb as he continued to shoot a massive load of cream into her mouth. Finally, the man slumped back onto his seat as his hands fell from Serena’s head and hung motionless.

Her Bull’s climax surprised her as the first rope of his cum hit the back of her throat. She moaned as the blast of his spunk laid a line of hot juice down her tongue and splashed into her throat. Serena could feel her pussy juice as it ran down her fingers to pool in the palm of her hand.

The burning of her cunt seemed to be as hot as the load of cum her Bull was pumping into her mouth. She tried to keep fingering herself and concentrate on sucking the last of his life-giving fluid out of her Bull’s massive member. She could feel his heart beating as the veins in his cock throbbed. The muscles in his dick would tense every time he delivered a load of cream into her mouth.

Serena’s body continued to shudder from the climax as spasms ran through her body. The delivery man’s dick finally slid out of her mouth, but she continued to kiss and lick it clean.

Ted zoomed in until all he could see was her mouth, covered in jizz as she serviced the delivery man.

As he pulled his dick out and stroked it, Ted could see a thin streamer of baby juice run out of the corner of his wife’s mouth and drip off her chin onto her heaving tits. He shot off on the living room window, and his cum ran down the glass almost identical to the long drip of jizz hanging off her chin. The streamer finally fell, and Ted tracked it as it hit Serena’s breast and ran down to her nipple.

Serena’s nipples were hard as a rock and shriveled up into hard knots. Her nips looked like pencil erasers and made Ted’s dick hurt as it was so hard. Indeed, his dick was not like the hardened steel of her young Bull’s tool but for Ted, massively firm.

Serena looked up at her Bull’s relaxed face, whose eyes were closed. His cock continued to wave around at half-mast, and it took her a second to catch it with her mouth. As she sucked out the last of his cream, Serena fully realized, I’m a cum drinking slut, and I love it. I just sucked off a delivery man in his truck with both side doors open. If a cop showed up, I’d probably have to suck him off also.

She giggled with the thought of having to suck off a cop who was trying to arrest her for indecent exposure and performing sex acts in public.

“Go back to work,” Serena said as she gave his dick a final wet kiss and tucked it back into his green work shorts.

Standing up, she tried to kiss him goodbye, but as expected, he gave her a look of disgust at kissing her cum covered lips. Laughing, she patted him on the cheek and turned to step down out of the delivery van. Her short bathrobe was flapping open as she stepped down on the sidewalk.

Taking a moment to brush off her knees, she made a mental note to take a pillow with her the next time she got a delivery. Thinking of the delivery man’s package, she noticed the big glob of sperm on her right breast. Using her finger, Serena scooped up the spunk and sucked it off her finger, causing her to shudder from the taste and knowledge of what she’d just done.

Hearing the engine start, Serena turned and waved goodbye to her Bull, who had fucked her brains out just a few days ago. I hope he has another delivery to make soon? she giggled to herself as he pulled away from the curb.

She walked sensuously back to her house, with her hips swaying to the music that was playing in her head. The aftertaste of her Bull’s cum made a shudder run through her body. She blew out a breath and immediately inhaled the aroma of the Bull’s spend. Serena repeated to herself, I’m a cum slut, and I love it!

Seeing his wife walk back toward the house, Ted positioned himself in the entryway, facing the front door. As he looked through the viewfinder, he watched his wife walk in the door with her robe billowing behind her. She is so beautiful even with cum covered lips and streamers of spunk running down her tits, he thought as he focused on her mouth.

Serena saw her husband standing there with his big video camera and gave him a big smile, then licked her lips erotically. She couldn’t help shivering at the final taste of her Bull’s sweet juice.

“What the fuck?” Ted asked.

“Did you see me?” Serena giggled.

“Yeah, and so did everyone in the neighborhood,” he replied.

“Is that cum dripping out of your dick?” Serena asked. “You must have enjoyed it as well as my Bull did?”

Without waiting for her husband to respond, she dropped to her knees and said, “Let me clean you up like I did my Bull.”

Ted groaned as his dick slid easily into his wife’s mouth. Her Bull’s cum is probably what’s making her mouth so slick, he thought to himself as his wife sucked hard on his cock. Ted could feel her draining the last of his spunk as her lips took him to the root.

He pointed his camera down to capture his wife swallowing his little cock. My loving wife!

Later that night, they were lying in bed, holding each other. Serena was comfortable on Ted’s chest as he ran his fingers through her hair. “I love you,” Serena said as she leaned up and kissed him.

“I love you too,” he replied.

“You’re not upset with me, are you?” she asked. Serena wasn’t sure if she had stepped over the line or not.

“It was pretty fucking hot, watching you suck off the delivery man in his step-van,” Ted said as he kissed his wife on top of her head.

“You sure? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but you were working, and my Bull told me that he only had a few minutes.”

“Is that why he didn’t fuck you? He was in a hurry?”

“I called him the other day, and he told me that he had a part-time job making deliveries. Then he called to say that he would be in the neighborhood and wanted to see me. I had just got out of the shower, so I threw on a shorty robe to go out and meet him.”

“You didn’t take the time to put on underwear or even tie your robe shut,” her husband said with a laugh.

“Well, no, I didn’t know how much time he had, so I had to hurry,” Serena replied. “You saw how quickly I got him off!” she replied smugly.

“I think I got most of it on tape,” Ted replied. “I’ll get it edited so you can watch it.”

“Were you able to get good shots through the window?” Serena asked.

“My camera is so fantastic. I can’t believe how sharp the video is. I could see his cum on your lips and running out of your mouth,” her husband replied. “The size of his cock surprised me and how much you could get in your throat!”

“You could see the cum as it ran out of my mouth?” Serena asked, suddenly interested.

“Stop licking your lips,” Ted chuckled. “You’ll get to see him again.”

“You know, if I’d known that you were watching, I would have put on a better show for you!” Serena giggled.

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Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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  1. lisabetsarai says:

    Oh, this new one sounds like fun! What a great title!

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  2. LarryArcher says:

    Thanks Lisabet, stay safe.


  3. Mark K says:

    Glad you figured out how to type “The End” for HP3. Looking forward to reading it.

    Also looking forward to the next Serena & Ted story.

    One observation on your draft.

    About 2/3 of the way through, you shifted from Ted being the narrator/focus to Serena. Might want to put a line with *** or something to break at that point to alert the reader of the transition.

    I was initially confused as I read it, not picking up on the transition initially.

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  4. LarryArcher says:

    Yeah, I have a problem with head-hopping. Thanks for the heads up.


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