The Day I’ve Dreaded is Finally Here!

It’s time for the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Today I had to rip the bandaid off and turn on the air conditioning. Gone are the days of Wifey running around topless with just a pair of boxers on for my eternal enjoyment and the UPS driver’s fantasy.

We’ve resisted turning on the switches to light off our three air conditioning units. While the east coast had snow, we had ninety-degree temperatures in Las Vegas. I knew it was inevitable, like that trip to the dentist, you know you have to schedule but can’t seem to find the time.

Every spring, it’s like this. The days high slowly creep up towards the century mark and blow past it. Foxy likes to wear men’s boxers and typically some type of wife-beater t-shirt when she has no one to show off for beside me. She loves the feel of the thin ribbed cotton. I like the way it glues itself to her curves and shows off all her best features.

That’s her typical day wear around the house most of the year. In the spring and fall with temperatures in the 70’s, she typically strips down to just a pair of boxers until we have to turn on the AC. Then the wife-beater comes out and covers her beautiful jugs.

Other than that, it’s just a typical day in Sin City. That is a day with no parties, no slot machines, no poker tables, no fountains, and no tourists. I’m working from home and learning how Teams has invaded my life.

I had to reorganize my home office and move the framed poster of Foxy with our classic Corvette from the wall behind my desk chair to another spot. The first time I was in a group meeting with my work team, I kept wondering why everyone seemed to be staring at the screen and ducking to the side.

I switched the camera to a full-screen view and realized that Foxy was on display in a string bikini behind me. The guys I work with have seen the picture before as it’s the picture on the GPS display in my car, but I often work with other companies and don’t want to offend someone accidentally.

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2 Responses to The Day I’ve Dreaded is Finally Here!

  1. Hi, Larry!

    I’m a bit confused. What does the aircon have to do with Foxy’s clothing (or lack thereof)? Is it too cold with the aircon for her to parade around in her usual regalia?

    Anyway, she’s undoubtedly gorgeous, even clothed.

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  2. LarryArcher says:

    The AC makes her boobs cold and I can never seem to get the temperature set to where she’s happy. We have a two-story house with a 4-ton for the upstairs and a 3-ton for the downstairs. The casita has a 1-1/2 ton (I think). The problem comes in that the cold air from upstairs sinks to the bottom level since our formal dining room and the living room has two-story ceilings. The stairway upstairs is open to the dining room and family room, which makes it easy for the cold air from upstairs to flow down.

    During the peak of the summer, the heat input is so high and combined with the airflow problem, causes hot spots in the house with corresponding cold spots. I figured out that if I could set up a switching set of dampers between the intakes of the upstairs and downstairs AC units, then I could have the upstairs AC take suction from downstairs and vice versa. The problem is reversed in the winter when you run the downstairs heat the upstairs goes over 80 deg.

    Winters here are so mild that the heat is rarely on and it’s only the summer that is problematic. Fixing the airflow issue would involve major construction and it’s not worth the effort for 3-4 months out of the year.

    Spring and fall are nice because you don’t have the heavy sun load and the temperature stays fairly well balanced. Back in the midwest, we had a large ranch but here there is limited space in the Las Vegas Valley which makes the price of dirt almost the price of the house. Everyone with a large house has to have a two-story except for those who can afford it.


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