House Party 4 Is On The Horizon

As a writer, one of the hardest things that I can do is type “The End.” I never have writer’s block and suffer from never finding a way to end a story. This has played out once again in the House Party series, and now I’m expecting to have to start House Party 4!

In House Party, Foxy ran off to Los Angeles with a guy she met at a swinger’s house party. Then she got involved in the porn business as a porn star. Finally, after 85,000 words, I managed to type The End. But the story was not over, and now I have to figure out how to get them back together again.

As some of you know, the Foxy and Larry, in my stories, are a thinly veiled copy of us in real life. This forces me to have the fictional couple think and act in a fashion similar to us as we are. Having this restriction makes it difficult or impossible to throw one or both under the bus to tie up a loose end.

We’ve always enjoyed the Lifestyle and the many friends that we’ve met along the way. I can’t just write in a divorce lawyer to solve a problem as that would be wrong and not us. Foxy and I have been very lucky in life, and we often talk about how much fun we’ve had together.

Before moving to Las Vegas, I owned a computer software firm that developed custom software, and we’ve lived well and partied hard. I started my business early in our marriage, and as CEO, my time was reasonably free.

We owned a private plane and frequently traveled around the country. If you know where to look parties are happening everywhere. My wife is an ex-model and the picture of every boy from Texas fantasy. When we met, she had long, straight hair, but it was a challenge as she is naturally curly.

Being an East Texas country boy, I suggested that she try “big hair” as we all love a girl with big hair. While I agree that big hair went out with 80’s rock bands, it looks terrific on her. Her soft brunette curly locks perfectly frame her face, and it makes my heart go pitty-pat when I see her strutting around.

When I started writing erotica seven years ago, I began framing stories around some of our experiences, which were always happily ever after (HEA) and fun. So when I wrote the initial House Party, I decided to do something different but couldn’t bring myself to write an out and out lie.

With House Party, I’ve tried to put in some of the traditional “required” blocks of a novel, and while I like the House Party series so far, it has put me in a conundrum to resolve the split-up of the two main characters. Foxy and Larry can’t end up in front of Judge Judy, which has forced me to write House Party 2, soon available House Party 3, and on the horizon House Party 4.

In the original, Foxy moves to LA with a guy she just met and discovers that he produces pornographic movies. The guy Russell abandoned his wife and left her with Larry as he was infatuated with Foxy.

Foxy is a free spirit and would have been a women’s libber in the 1970s, but today she is a no bull shit type of person who demands her own way and usually gets it. Russell finds this out the hard way and gets thrown under the bus. Money doesn’t impress her, and she moves in with some of the actors and actresses who work at Russell’s porn studio.

House Party got to the point that it was beginning to look like a phone book and frankly was getting cumbersome to deal with. No being a trained author, I have no idea if I do this right or not. Being an engineer, I tend to be nerdy and have a laptop permanently attached to my hand.

When a manuscript gets up to 100,000 words, it will take hours to read. My way of doing it is to continually be either reading what I’ve written or writing new content. I’ve switched over to Scrivener and write in it rather than Word. Scrivener is great in that you can quickly jump back and forth between chapters without losing your place in either spot.

If I’ve only got a few minutes to kill, I can pick up my laptop and select a previously written chapter instantly. What I’ve found is that we correct things in our minds and often will ignore mistakes in a story that may kick the reader entirely out. Reading a chapter written a week ago will enable the author to pick out errors in verbiage or spelling as it’s not fresh in their mind.

I write “stroke porn” and not literary erotica. The difference is that you’re not jerking off with your little finger stuck out. Literary erotica gives the reader an excuse for reading smut, and to me, that is not what I do.

We know a writer of bodice rippers, which for the unwashed are the western pulp romance stories set in the 1800s. Typically, this is a cowboy with the heroine who gets kidnapped by stagecoach robbers. Naturally, he saves her from unsavory characters only to take her himself. It’s like that old saying, Chivarly is man’s inclination to save a beautiful woman from everyone except himself!

She makes a very respectable living at it, and one day her editor told her that she needed to put more sex in the story. So now, at the end of the story, the hero rips the damsel’s clothes off and fucks her virginal brains out in the last two pages. She always climaxes, sees rockets and lightning. Ain’t life sweet?

If only life were this simple?

Now I, on the other hand, have the characters doing the nasty on the first page. Well technically not the first page as that’s the title page but very soon after. My theory is if you have to spend hours on the pot with your dick in your hand or your finger on your clit, your butt will go to sleep before you have a chance to jerk off or Jill off.

The way I look at it, are you trying to jerk off or what? With a story from Larry Archer, it should always come with a box of tissues. You don’t have to be a connoisseur of fine literature to spank the monkey.

As usual, I’ve gotten off track. Back to House Party.

The first book in the series topped off at 85,000 words and left Foxy in LA, making dirty movies and having the time of her life. Larry was back in Sin City running his strip club with his new girlfriend, along with Chrissy, the redheaded big tittied Amazon, and his best friend’s wife.

He was also trying to deal with his latest addition, an ex-nun Sister Ruth. I can’t give away too much of the plot; else, you’ll finish up in the bathroom and not buy my book! Remember, if you have a Kindle Unlimited account for a measly $10 a month, you can read House Party and a number of my stories for free. Well, free if you forget about the ten bucks, but that money goes to Amazon and not me.

House Party 2 takes up where House Party left off. Similar to House Party, the story has two threads. One of that slut Foxy in LA, showing her cute little ass and our broad-shouldered hero Larry slaving away at his strip club, while trying to fight off young horny strippers and the occasional MILF. Not to mention Delphine, Russell’s ex-wife, Chrissy the Amazon, the TV star Sherry, Suzy the horny MILF, and Sister Ruth, who’s forgotten her vows.

Larry stews and worries about his runaway bride, while dealing with sinister forces at home.

House Party 2 ends up when Foxy decides to move back home before Larry’s current squeeze stakes her claim. Everyone is aghast as Larry’s girlfriend is a blonde, which is almost heresy in itself.

House Party 2 clocked in at 50,000 words and is a good read in itself; however, an astute reader would want to know how all this chicanery got started and grab a copy of the beginning story.

I’m currently working on House Party 3, which covers Foxy and Larry’s getting back together at the Largest Gas Station in the World. Readers should take notes as the number of characters in play is now requiring you to take your socks off to keep track.

What I see happening is that HP3 will get everyone back together in Las Vegas, but we still haven’t found out how Foxy’s exploding career as a porn star will turn out. I’ve told myself that there has to be an HP4 to finish tying up all the loose ends and putting a bow on it!

So there you have it. My work is cut out for me while work from home plays itself out. Everyone stay safe!

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3 Responses to House Party 4 Is On The Horizon

  1. lisabetsarai says:

    You’re certainly blessed with a fertile imagination!

    Keep the stories coming (and I use the word advisedly…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark K says:

    Since you’re from Vegas, I have to ask what’s the over/under that there will be a House Party 5? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LarryArcher says:

    Mark, Knowing my inability to draw a story to a close, you’re probably as good a picker as I am. It dawned on me that to close the circle, I need to get the movie studio open and shooting movies. Then there is the AVN show in January after CES. If you haven’t been to an AVN show, it’s a real hoot. AVN is the Oscars for porn and you get a chance to attend and the price is not too bad. We haven’t been in the last couple of years but you get a chance to meet all of the porn stars and producers. Walking back to the banquet room, the walls are lined with people who want to see the porn stars. The girls are always trying to outdo each other in the minimal amount of clothes they can wear. We know several couples who are in the production end and one girl who is an adult actress that we know.

    We’ve always gotten a good table so far and there are some great after parties. This is your chance to get with a porn star.

    As far as my chances of HP5, I’d really have to say 80/20 that it will be a real thing. As I get further into the storyline, it’s easy for me to extend the story.


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