Time’s UP!

This is your last chance to get FREE and HALF-OFF porn from Larry Archer. It’s like that time when you heard the front door of your lover’s house open, and she says, “Oh! Fuck! It’s my husband! Hurry up and finish, it’ll take him a minute to get a beer out of the refrigerator.”

You were smart to leave the bedroom window open after finding yourself naked on the sidewalk as she throws your clothes out the window. The July SmashWords sale is one last chance for you to do the smart thing, not necessarily the right thing.

Unlike landing in the bushes outside your girlfriend’s bedroom, the good thing about reading erotica from Larry Archer is that there is little downside to reading smut from Larry’s computer as he frantically types with one hand beyond the minuscule dent in your credit card bill.

Of course, discovering that your wife is also Jilling off to Larry’s descriptions of explicit erotic sex between adults with less than adult brains, is possibly the reason she’s always sucking her fingers clean.

I realize that you have an almost uncontrollable urge to wave your credit card at the computer screen, but you’ll have to take your hand out of your pants long enough to fill your phone, tablet, iPad, or laptop with hot sex stories for free or 50% off from the demented mind of Larry Archer. Only a few days remain for you to fill your lust and electronic reader with smut.

Annually, during July, SmashWords has a site-wide sale of all types of reading material for virtually any type of electronic device from the $5,000 MacBook Pro to the lowest smartphone. Regardless of your choice of reading material, July is a great month to stock up on great stories. Erotica with a plot from the Dirty Mind of Larry Archer.

Superlatives aside, Larry Archer is a well-respected author of erotica, who approaches explicit sex scenes without the negative aspects, typical of other authors. Larry and his wife are swingers, who enjoy the Lifestyle’s positive benefits.

His writing is often taken from parties and situations they’ve been involved in and illustrates what they’ve seen and done.

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Here’s an X-Rated excerpt from soon to be released House Party 2, which follows the popular House Party by Larry Archer.

“I will not be more than one hour,” Larry confirmed. Then he asked Linda if she would take care of getting Suzy to his condo. Linda helped Suzy get her clothes organized and shoes on. After kissing Suzy and Linda goodbye, Larry picked the reports up from the floor and started going back through them.

Finishing up the reports, he was satisfied that everything was in order. Just as he was sliding the reports into a desk drawer, some wild-eyed guy burst into the room. He didn’t look like a gang or mob guy, but Larry reached behind his back and closed his fingers around the 45-caliber XDM Springfield compact automatic clipped to the back of his pants in an SOB (small of the back) holster.

Just as he was deciding whether to pull the pistol or not, Tiny and Steve burst into his office. Tiny was six-foot-four and two-hundred and forty pounds of muscle. Ex-Delta, Tiny was their go-to henchman.

Steve was just as lethal except from a longer distance. Steve was an ex-scout sniper who was suffering from PTSD but recovering. Steve’s specialty was dropping someone who was two-thousand yards away with a 50-caliber Barrett sniper rifle. Steve was six foot and moved like a cat. He looked a lot like a surfer with short blond hair and a nasty scar down on his arm.

It took them a second to get in the room, and Larry almost laughed at the two guys trying to get into the room at the same time. Tiny could just barely fit through the door by himself, and with Steve pushing, they were basically jammed in the door frame.

Behind them, he could see, Jack, his security manager. Jack was in his early fifties and an ex-cop who he had partied with back in the mid-west. Jack was a cuckold with a beautiful MILF Hotwife. Pam was a voluptuous blond with shoulder-length hair and nice boobs, along with a figure that would make a much younger girl proud.

Jack loved to watch Larry take care of his wife and would jerk off while Larry screwed Pam, who was virtually insatiable, and sometimes it was a challenge to wear her out. Jack ran a tight ship at The Fox’s Den, and Larry was surprised how this loon got past everyone.

Finally, after almost tearing the door frame off, Tiny grabbed the guy and twisted his arms behind his back.

“Sorry, Larry. He slipped past us before we noticed him,” Tiny said in his deep coarse voice that sounded like gravel being poured out of a bucket. “I’ll take him out and teach him some manners!”

“Wait, a second,” Larry said. “Who are you, and what do you want?”

The average looking guy was in his mid-thirties, and the realization that he had screwed up big time was becoming apparent.

“Are you fucking my wife?” the guy yelled.

“I’m not sure?” Larry answered, honestly. “What’s her name?”


“Lola doesn’t sound familiar. Why would you think I’m banging your wife?”

“She confessed that she slept with you and I’m pissed!”

“Do you have a picture of her?” Larry asked as he tried to place her.

The guy reached for his pocket, causing Tiny to clamp down on his arm. As he howled in pain, he said, “My phone, I was only getting my phone.”

“Slowly,” Tiny growled.

Pulling out his phone, the guy opened to the gallery and showed Larry a picture of his wife.

“Oh, yeah!” Larry said. “Did she come in here with a bunch of girls for a bride’s night out?”

“Yes, she was the maid-of-honor for my best friend and his fiancé.”

“Was the bride-to-be a tall blonde with a nice rack and long legs?”

“That’s her. Did you fuck my wife?”

“Sorry, to say but yes I banged your wife.”

“Are you still screwing her?”

“No,” Larry answered simply.

“What’s the matter? Is she not good enough for you?” The man was now pissed that I didn’t want to fuck his wife again. Give me a break! Larry thought.

“No, it’s not like that at all. She forgot to give me her phone number, and I didn’t know how to contact her. I guarantee that I’d be fucking her if I got the chance.”

“Well, that’s better, but I’m not sure if I like you fucking my wife.”

“I hate to break it to you, but I had a threesome with your wife and your best friend’s wife that night!”

“What! You fucked my buddy’s wife also?”

“Yeah, I did.”

The man stopped and mulled over what he’d just learned. Finally, he asked, “Well, how was she?”

“Your wife or the bride?”


“Your wife is a great fuck. You should be proud of her. I remember doing your wife while the bride was sitting on her face, getting her pussy ate out when the bride pulled my dick out of your wife’s cunt and sucked me off.”

“She sucked you off? My friend says that she won’t suck his dick!”

“Maybe she doesn’t suck his dick, but she sure sucked mine. Then she kissed your wife with a mouthful of cum. Here, wait I have a picture on my phone.”

Larry pulled his phone out and flipping through the photos, selected one and showed it to the man. “This is your wife, right?”

“That’s her.”

“See the cum running out of her and your friend’s wife’s mouth?”

“You really fucked my wife, didn’t you?”

“And her girlfriend also,” Larry confessed.

Holding Larry’s phone, he said, “I wish I could have seen that?”

Looking at Jack in the doorway, he saw Jack nod his head. Then turning to the man, Larry said, “Would you like to have a copy of the video?”

“You have a video?”

“Jack films most everything that goes on around here,” Larry said simply.

“I can’t believe you had a threesome with my wife and her best friend. Do you think I should tell him?”

“Is he going to react like you?”

“I don’t know, maybe. I’ll look at the video, and we could watch it together.”

“Do me a favor, you’re welcome here but don’t think about causing any trouble. I would hate for your wife to become a widow. She was a willing partner, and I’m not planning on moving in on your territory, so take better care of her, and maybe she won’t come back.”

“Okay, can I leave now?”

“Sure, the boys will show you to the door.”



“Could I write down my wife’s name and phone number for you?”

“I’d like that,” Larry replied.

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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2 Responses to Time’s UP!

  1. Mark K says:

    Although, I’d like to take advantage of the Smashwords sale of your stuff, I’m afraid I just can’t do it.

    I already own all of your books. 😉

    Well, not exactly. I haven’t bought your various boxed sets.

    But it is a good deal and everyone should check out what’s on sale.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LarryArcher says:


    You be da man! Thanks so much for buying my smut. The box sets are just compilations of the individual books so don’t bother buying them.


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