“The Watchers” – Hotwife Story

The Watchers

My good friends at KinkyLiterature are featuring one of my stories, The Watchers, today. The Watchers was written for all my cuckold-Hotwife fans.

Our hero, Gene is sitting at a bar having a drink after enduring a work-related training session.

Gene overhears the two guys next to him talking about attending a Sex Show and getting to watch people having sex on stage right in front of their eyes.

After a little pleading, Gene gets the location of the weekly Sex Show and the fact it’s going to cost him one-hundred bucks to watch. He’s promised that while he probably won’t get laid, he’ll get to watch some unbelievable gang bang action. However, there are often housewives in the attendance who enjoy giving blowjobs to the voyeurs.

As Gene watches two girls, a redhead, and a brunette get their brains fucked out, he notices some woman, who looks familiar, going down the row sucking off the guests, while they watch the debauchery happening in front of their eyes.

As the girl, who is handing out blowjobs, gets closer Gene can see that she’s coated in cum, which is dripping off her chin to fall on her boobs. Her face is completely covered in jizz, with both eyes glued shut from dried spunk. She has to use her hands to feel for the next guy and when she touches Gene’s leg, she looks up for a second.

Her eyes are glued shut but Gene’s heart drops to his stomach as he realizes that it is his wife who has been sucking off everyone in the room. Before he can say a word or react, her soft lips close around the head of his dick and she sucks him into her throat, with a deep moan.

He tries to ignore his wife and the shame but the way his dick feels in her throat is unbelievable. Wrapping his fingers in her hair, he cannot pull her mouth off as it feels so good. This is so wrong, he tells himself but the sensation is too much to resist.

He can feel his climax boiling even though he’s just realized that his wife is a cum guzzling, cheating slut who is on her knees for every man and most of the women at the Sex Party.

There was nothing else to do but hold his wife’s mouth down on his cock, as he empties his balls into her throat. Then after sucking his dick clean, she kisses the head, and then Gene on the lips as she feels her way to the next guy in line.

For the full story, grab a copy of this 36,000-word novella on Kinky Literature by clicking this link. For more details on the story, click this link.

Versions available for most types of electronic readers such as cell phones, tablets, Kindles, Nooks, PC’s, or Mac’s.

Following is an excerpt from The Watchers

In one of the bedrooms, the two stars for the night were getting ready. Foxy, a tall brunette, with a runway model’s figure, is pacing the room. Chrissy, a big redhead also almost six feet tall was dressed in only a thong and black high-heeled stripper shoes.

“Foxy, stop pacing, are you that nervous? I’m so excited about getting some college boy cock, I can’t wait,” Chrissy said to Foxy as she applied blush to her cleavage to accent her huge set of jugs. Looking at her large nipples, she decided that they needed a little extra color also and carefully applied a darker shade to them to emphasize the smattering of freckles on her milky white skin.

Bouncing her big tits up and down, she appraised herself in the mirror and spun to look at her tight ass. “Pretty fucking hot, if I say so myself,” Chrissy told the mirror. Turning to her partner, “You’re going to wear a hole in the carpet. Calm down and take your clothes off.”

Foxy tossed her dark curly hair in response and slowly started pulling her wife-beater t-shirt off. “I don’t know if I want to go through with this or not,” she stated as her t-shirt hit the floor.

Walking over to her, Chrissy took Foxy in her arms and kissed her. She could feel Foxy relaxing as her tongue slipped into the brunette’s mouth. They were almost the same height, which made their nipples rub together and Chrissy could feel the hot nubs burn into her tits.

“You know you want it?” Chrissy said as she unbuttoned Foxy shorts and let them fall to the floor.

“You know how I hate to plan sex. For some reason that gets me uptight. Even if Larry and I are planning on getting together, it never seems to work out. I love it when he just fucks me but to plan in advance is so hard. I guess that means I have to admit I’m going to get laid and my Catholic upbringing kicks into gear to remind me what a slut I am.”

“But the other night, in front of the club’s audience you ate some cute girl’s pussy and then sucked her boyfriend’s dick. I didn’t see any hesitation then?”

“But the difference was that wasn’t planned, it just happened. Plus, I don’t usually party without Larry, and it feels funny to fuck some guys when he’s not here with me.”

“Larry gets his dick wet all the time, without worrying about you!”

“I know, but it’s different for a guy.”

Chrissy kissed both of Foxy’s eyes and then her nose, “Look we’re just going to go out and let some horny young college boys drill our lights out. That’s all it is, just fucking and sucking!”

Walking to the bedroom door, Chrissy opened it and beckoned to a server. “Bring us some Tequila shots with fixings,” she asked the girl.

Turning to Foxy, Chrissy said, “I’ll get us some courage to relax us and put us in the mood. ”

Within a couple of minutes, the girl brought in a bottle of Patron Platinum along with limes and salt. Chrissy quickly fixed a couple of double shots and the girls slammed them down. “Better?” she asked.

“Yeah, you know it is, and that shit goes down so smooth.”

Chrissy giggled, “Just think about how easy the first load of cum is going to slide down your throat. But remember not to be greedy, and you must always share. That’s the rule!”

Foxy picked up the Patron and took a big shot straight from the bottle. Chrissy could see her whole body shiver as the Tequila burned a hole in her stomach. “Ease up Foxy, I want you to be awake for the fun! I know your husband usually fucks you when you’re unconscious but it might freak out the young guys to fuck a rag doll.”

Foxy sat down on the bed and started digging through her purse. Pulling out a black rubber butt-plug, she handed it to Chrissy and asked, “Would you do the honors?”

“That’s my girl,” Chrissy replied as she dropped down between Foxy’s legs and pulled off her thong. “Here get it wet for me, while I take care of your other hole.”

Chrissy handed Foxy the butt-plug back, which she promptly put into her mouth and started sucking on it. Chrissy pushed her back onto the bed and ran her tongue around Foxy’s clit.

As Foxy started to moan, Chrissy slipped one then two fingers into Foxy’s already engorged cunt. Her fingers went in easily then Chrissy added her tongue to the mixture as Foxy picked up her legs and held them back by the heels on her stripper shoes. She could pull her heels back until they were locked behind her head.

Chrissy looked at Foxy’s eyes over the top of her pussy mound and could see them already starting to roll back in her head. Grinning to herself, Chrissy pushed her tongue deep into her lover’s wet pussy and started sucking out the juice.

Foxy’s climax came quick and hard as usual, while she tugged on her heels, which made her pussy bounce up and down on Chrissy’s mouth. Reaching up, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out of Foxy’s mouth and quickly jammed it into the girl’s fuck hole, to get it wet.

As the pussy juice poured out of Foxy’s hole, Chrissy pulled the butt-plug out and shoved it into her ass, in one quick movement. The wet butt-plug, lubricated with Tequila, made quick work of Foxy’s ass. Before she could finish moaning, the plug was buried all the way to the hilt.

Foxy jerked and humped Chrissy’s face as the redhead tried to clean up all of the girl cum that poured out of her lover’s sweet hole. Chrissy thumped the butt-plug with her fist, which made Foxy shudder and squirm every time.

“Better now?” Chrissy asked.

“Much!” is all Foxy said.

End of the Excerpt

Buy a copy of The Watcher’s by clicking this link.

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