Rain, Rain, Go Away!

After a gloomy couple of days, the rain is gone, and Las Vegas is back to sunshine. With typically 300 days a year with at least some sun and 200 sunny days, the weather is nice in Sin City a majority of the time.

From now to spring, this is probably the worst time of the year in Vegas, weatherwise. But all things considered, the weather is fantastic here. We have 3-4 months of hot weather, but if you don’t have to work outside, it’s not bad.

Of course, the nice thing about hot weather is it tends to encourage women to wear less and skimpier clothes. My wife likes to wearwife-beater t-shirts, often hacked off below her boobs and Daisy Dukes.

When we go clubbing on the Strip, the dress code is usually ultrashort minidresses with plunging necklines. Her outfits mirror what you see on the Kardashians.

People watching is an official sport here and just sitting in a casino admiring the people walking by is often better than a show you have to pay for.

Still, the weather makes everything better in Las Vegas, except for maybe hot tubbing. It’s hard to beat sitting in a hot tub, with your hair frozen and snow on the ground. Of course, sooner or later you have to get out and then you’re freezing your tookus off.

Even in the winter, the lows are in the ’40s with highs in the ’60s, so winter is not bad at all. I often check the weather back in the Midwest and will see highs in the ‘20s. Not having to shovel snow or fight ice storms has its advantages.

People here have no idea what real rain is. When it rains for three days straight, and you can’t see your hand in front of your face, now that’s rain. In most cases, people don’t even turn on the windshield wipers as rain in Vegas is a light drizzle at best.

So, if you’re up to your ass in snow, plan a trip to LasVegas and come out and visit!

Otherwise, curl up in front of the fireplace and read some dirty smut from Larry Archer. My latest novel, House Party, is a major wank. If I say so myself. For more on House Party, click this link. Or click this link for all my stories.

Larry Archer writes explicit erotica but with a plot which will keep your cell phone, tablet, iPad, or computer smoking hot. Larry’s dirty stories are available at all the major distributors, such as KinkyLiterature, Amazon, SmashWords, Apple iBooks, or Kobo.

About LarryArcher

Larry Archer's the name, smut's my game. I am a writer of erotic literature that's generally always HEA (Happily Ever After), which typically involves no regrets sex. I write in a humorous style with a plot and suitable for reading with one hand. My stories are full of sexual situations that are often taken straight from our swinger lifestyle in Las Vegas. If you want to enjoy erotica, where every page is dripping with action, give me a try.
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2 Responses to Rain, Rain, Go Away!

  1. lisabetsarai says:

    Where I live, the temperature never goes below 70. Girl watching 365 days a year!

    But when it rains… well, the rain is so heavy it’s like a curtain. So you can’t see the girls… ;^)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LarryArcher says:

    That sounds great, well except for the rain. In East Texas I would occasionally sleep under a tin roof and the sound of light rain on a tin roof will put you out in a second.


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