Pool's Open and Prices Going Up

fandk11censored200x186Well, I don’t know if it’s because my neighbors got binoculars for Christmas or the fact the new head of the EPA informed us there was no such thing as global warming, but in any event, due to the 80+ degree weather, I’m  opening the pool early this year.

I feel sorry for those people who are dealing with snow and ice but hey that’s why we moved to Sin City, the weather. Plus the fact that it’s party time 24×7.

If you happen to follow my author’s pages on Amazon Kindle or SmashWords, then you’ve probably noticed that I’ve had a bunch of my stories on specials over the last few weeks. I’ve been doing some extra advertising and trying some different approaches but that’s all going to come crashing down shortly.

If you are thinking about purchasing some smut from me, think harder and buy before the price goes up.

Probably starting about Sunday 3/19/17 or thereabouts, I’ll be raising all the prices up to their normal price, which is generally $2.99 each for most stories. The sale prices are currently $0.99 (99 cents) or whatever it translates to if you purchase outside of the US.

Larry’s Page on Amazon Kindle: http://amazon.com/author/larryarcher

Larry’s Page on SmashWords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/LarryArcher



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