"The Voyeur"on sale for $0.99

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The Voyeur

I’ve got my latest smut book, The Voyeur, on sale this weekend for 99 cents. The sale price is good at Amazon, Excitica, and SmashWords until at least Tuesday 2/16/16. It’ll give you something to do when you’re off work on Monday.

The Voyeur, (15,000 Words) a delicious little tale about a small town girl, who moves to the big city to escape her abusive and domineering father, who beat her for any real or perceived thought about anything related to men or sex. Constance takes a job far away from home in Saint Louis, where she works at an ad agency surrounded by people who live on the edge between fantasy and reality.

There she meets her new best friend Sue, who takes the naive girl under her wing and tries to iron out some of the kinks instilled by her father and his paddle. Constance rapidly blooms and finds that she’s not only attracted to men but also girls. Then things heat up as she starts letting the guy across the courtyard watch her dress and help with her wardrobe selection.

This story is primarily girl-on-girl, with some voyeuristic scenes thrown in and written in the no holes barred style of Larry Archer, with graphic descriptions of the action to fill your imagination.

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2 Responses to "The Voyeur"on sale for $0.99

  1. alexastories says:

    Interesting how do you link your acount so that people would have to buy your story. Can you give me step by step advice on that. See I posted my first storie to get everyone interstate. Now I want to sell the rest of them. But I’m no tech expert and have a real hard time trying to link my paypal so that the people would have to pay first before they could read the rest of the story. I would apreciate the help very much. But Im working from my phone app. Dont know if you could help with that.


  2. I don’t know if you can do it from a phone but assuming that the source document that your publishing is in Word or a similar program just select the text or the picture and then click Hyperlink and simply copy the link to the story. Then hopefully when it’s published you have a working link.


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