"A Contract for Christmas"

ContractForChristmas400I just finished reading “A Contract for Christmas“, by Lisabet Sarai, which just came out for Christmas. It’s a good read if you like BDSM stories with a raw edge. I like Lisabet as she writes real erotica that is really graphic and hot. It’s a kinky story and Lisabet creates a smoking read with graphic descriptions and explicit detail.

Without giving away too much of the story, it involves a submissive whose Master gets stuck in New York because of bad weather.

If you’ve ever had a sub, you know how lost they get without their Master to control them. Then her Master calls and gives her instructions on what to do with her butt plug to keep her mind off her urges.

Just as she starts to Jill off, her Master’s best friend comes by as a substitute for her beloved Greg. Even though they have had threesomes before, she is concerned since she was not given permission to take care of Greg’s friend.

Turned on to the point of considering having sex with James, yet she knows that her Master might be upset with her for possibly going against his wishes. She will gladly take care of anyone that her Master orders her to but would it be okay to submit to his friend without approval?

Well if you’ve got a vivid imagination, as I do, you know what this little slut will do. As you can imagine, she’ll give up every hole to please her Masters as they order her to submit.

There are some nice scenes, where she needs correction with a leather belt but loves it as we all know they do. Here is a little except from the story:

I thought he’d kiss me—I even closed my eyes—but instead he forced me toward the floor. “Crawl to the bedroom, Bella. Now.”

He landed a swat on my upturned butt. The sting set me moving, though obviously not fast enough for James, since he continued to spank me the whole way.

The wall-to-wall carpet in the hallway rubbed my knees raw, and the parquet in the bedroom bruised, but I didn’t care. My only goal was to satisfy my new master. On my hands and knees by the side of bed, I waited for his next command.

James switched on the recessed ceiling lights, which provided a dim, soothing illumination. He surveyed the room. “As I recall, you keep your toy box in the guest bedroom. But I’d be surprised if you didn’t stash a few restraints and such in here, too…” He rummaged in the drawer of the bed table for a moment, then held up a set of fur-lined leather cuffs. “Just as I expected. Up on the bed, Bella. I want you on your back, with your arms over your head.”

I was in position—one of my favorites, to be honest —almost before he’d finished speaking.

“You seem commendably eager to obey,” he commented as he cuffed my wrists and clipped them to the curlicue brass headboard. “Greg certainly has you well-trained.”

Considering the circumstances, I didn’t think that observation required any response.

He captured my feet in matching restraints, then forced my thighs apart so he could bind each ankle to a corner post with Velcro straps. It took no more than sixty seconds for him to immobilize me. As he stood back to admire his handiwork, I wondered for a moment where he’d acquired those skills. Had he and Greg trained as dominants together, or was their mutual interest in kink only a happy coincidence?

Either way, I was the lucky beneficiary.

“Are you comfortable, Bella? No pain?”

In fact my hip joints protested a bit from being spread so wide, but that was a small price to pay for the luscious sense of exposure enforced by this position. The pose elevated my breasts, brazenly presenting my erect nipples. My pussy gaped, displaying my slick, swollen labia and engorged clit. Juices leaked out to drip down the crevice between my ass cheeks, flowing over my still-stretched rear hole. Helpless and horny, I was ready for anything he might want to dish out.

“None that I can’t handle, James.”

“Oh really? Guess I’ll have to ramp up the volume. Just a minute…”

Stripping off his shirt with typical economy and ease, he folded it on the vanity stool. His jeans followed. Before he set them down, he extracted his belt from the waist. “I’m going to want this,” he said, laying it alongside my outstretched body so I could smell the leather. “And these, of course.” He dropped five or six condoms onto the bed table.

I couldn’t help laughing. “How many times do you plan to fuck me, James?”

He kneeled between my legs, his engorged cock bobbing as he moved. “As many times as you can handle, woman.” He picked up the belt, running it over his palm. “Then I’ll fuck you some more.”

If this sounds like some delicious smut that you would like to read, grab a copy from your favorite eStory seller.

Buy Links

Amazon US – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019ECGDJ6

Amazon UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019ECGDJ6

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/600663

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