Advice for "Cuck" want-a-be's

This post was originally done some time back before WordPress decided to throw my other blog under the bus. I’ve been going back and pulling articles from my backup and re-posting those that I think are relative.

Recently there have been a number of posts regarding the practice of Cuckolding. Translated for the “straight” or “vanilla” reader, Cuckolding refers to the practice of letting your wife/girlfriend get her brains fucked out by another guy, with hopefully a big cock, and then telling you all about it or maybe letting you watch. Followed by some Sloppy Seconds on your part. That may not be an exact definition but it works for me.

The dictionary definition includes some other shit like your wife debasing you for having a little wiener, being a bad lay, or other (IMHO) destructive talk and I am violently against, well maybe not violently because I believe in making love and not war. Anyway if your wife needs to know what a big long cock feels like, I’ll be glad to help you out and allow her to use me as a sex object. LOL

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Dan Savage, the unofficial sex therapist (sort of a guy version of Dr Ruth) ran a couple of stories on Cuck related stuff that I thought were pretty good. Dan writes “Savage Love” columns in some of the weekly tabloids. I love to read his columns as they are pretty good and remind us how screwed up we all are.

We always caution couples about opening up their relationship or inviting the gardner in for a nooner unless you have a solid relationship and both are on board with this. Swinging will typically finish a bad marriage and/or accelerate its demise. However, if you are both happy and secure in your relationship, some form of swinging or group sex will likely enhance your pleasure. As we’ve stressed to new couples as Dan Savage has done, ease into the hot tub to make sure you are both comfortable and don’t just jump in. At 105 deg F, your little wiener will virtually disappear. If you don’t believe me, try screwing in a hot tub, it’s not easy and should be left to professionals.

Sometimes a cuckold relationship does not occur by mutual consent but after the woman is continually frustrated by the lack of satisfaction by her mate. She then goes out and finds a lover to satisfy her needs and desires.

Often if she flaunts this in front of hubby, the reaction is not what she expected. Maybe he got mad at first but then realizes that the whole idea really turns him on and he becomes an interested spectator.

One of our closest friends is a couple in a cuckold relationship. He loves to bring his wife over for me to take care of, while he watches and jerks off. He’s never shown any sexual interest in my wife or any other woman besides his wife, after she’s been serviced.

In our lifestyle, he makes no bones about it and enjoys hiding in the closet to watch even though everyone knows he’s there. The act of peeking really turns him on and makes the experience much better for him.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to either watch your wife with other men or be with other men while your husband watches, you are not alone. Swinging often involves kinks beyond straight sex and there is nothing wrong with that. The great thing about swinging is that you can enjoy your own kink without anyone thinking anything strange about it.

Several of the couples we know, the wife loves gangbangs and will on a regular basis have a group of guys over to take care of her. I guess this is sort of like cuckolding but not really. The lifestyle gives you the opportunity to explore things that you would be unable to do normally.

Below are the two question and answer’s relating to Cuckolding or threesomes that are current as of this posting. I’ve quoted the Q and A below as well as the link to the complete article on his website for your perverted entertainment.

“My boyfriend and I are in our mid/early 20s. We have been dating for a little over 10 months. We have a strong emotional bond and are always communicative and honest with anything and everything. We have an amazing and adventurous sex life, and we have been fantasizing about cuckolding for about two months. We are both extremely turned on by the idea, but I have reservations about doing this in such a young relationship. Unlike married couples who have years to lay an emotional foundation, my boyfriend and I have less to fall back on. I am excited by the idea of this, but I am scared I will end up feeling used. I am also afraid he will not be able to handle the reality of the humiliation. It turns him on to talk about it, but he has never done this. What happens if we are emotionally wrecked afterward? I’m afraid we’re playing with fire. I love him and do not want to lose him, but this is something that excites both of us. What should we do?

Young And Restless Duo

Cuckolding realities are a lot more challenging than cuckolding fantasies—emotionally and logistically. So you’re right to be nervous, YARD. But relationship longevity doesn’t guarantee cuckolding success. Good communication, mutual desire (sofucking important with this fantasy!), and a commitment to take things slowly-bordering-on-glacially are far better predictors of success. And if you take it slow—if you limit your cuckolding play to dirty talk for 10 months at least—you’ll have more of that experience/trust/security stuff to fall back on if and when you find the right bull/stud/lover.

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